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It is always good to get a feel for what it is like to be a patron on Answerland. I turned on chat on for you to try out, test and practice.

1. Sign in to the Answerland website ('sign in as a librarian' in the lower right).

2. Sign into Spark and monitor the practice2 workgroup. Make sure your status is 'available' or 'online'.

3. Go to practice chat on From the 'other pages' menu, choose Practice chat. Submit a question.

answerland chat

We believe that virtual reference offers people the chance to connect to libraries, not just to find materials and get their questions answered, but to build relationships.

In the process of rebuilding this site, we talked to a group of young adults at the Tualatin Public Library, aged 12-18, and asked if they had ever used chat before. They had, on Facebook, with their friends.


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