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Internet Librarian - Social Media

Our patrons don’t ask us to do anything that they think we can’t do. We normally don’t have patrons asking us to search social media for them. They don’t know that social media can be a source of information not found elsewhere. Resources that we can use as reference tools include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter. Here are some strategies for searching them.

Internet Librarian - Google Search

Here's a little bit about what's new with Google.

A couple of conference speakers shared an article in which the Department of Homeland Security warns first responders of a dangerous hacking tool: Google search. People who know how to search Google well are described as Google Dorks by using special tools (such as tools that librarians refer to as Google Advanced Search).  

Internet Librarian - People Search

Looking for someone? Here are a few tools that may help you.

LittleSis is a tool for newsmakers. Use it to find data on government positions, business positions, relationships with other people in the database, FEC filings and all the source links. This data is compiled using OpenSecrets bulk data downloads. LittleSis analysts match federal campaign contributions given by individuals in the database using the donation matching tool.


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