Engage your school

We love connecting with kids and teachers, during or after school. Our chat service is available 24/7 and students may also text message us during select hours.

 Answerland is free

Answerland is free to everyone who lives, works or goes to school in Oregon. Answerland is not a replacement for school library staff. We have 1-3 librarians online at any one time to serve the whole state.

What to expect

Answerland librarians will help students find resources such as websites, magazine articles and books for their assignments.

We try to share our search strategies and starting resources with students.

Try it out

Teachers and school library staff should try Answerland before telling students about it. Contact us to tell us your school will be using Answerland for an assignment or to request a demonstration.

Middle grades and up

Students need to have keyboarding skills before using Answerland. We recommend Answerland for middle grades and up.

Asking questions takes time

Asking and answering a question on Answerland can take 20 minutes or more. Students using Answerland in the classroom or the school library should begin their session near the beginning of the period.

Introduce students to Answerland with a simple assignment

Students get more out of Answerland if they know what to expect.

The first time students use Answerland, it should be to find out what, who, or when. Examples of assignments include:

  • researching biographies
  • state reports
  • country reports

How and why questions are also welcome, but students coming to Answerland for the first time can become disappointed and frustrated that we don't answer those questions directly.

3 questions, 15 minutes

Answerland limits each school to sending three questions in a 15-minute period. After that, students will be asked to wait.

Ask anything

While many students use Answerland for homework and school assignments, they are welcome to ask us anything. We often get questions about song lyrics, game tips and book recommendations.