Get Involved

Answerland is an extension of Oregon's libraries. By working together, we serve more patrons and in more and innovative ways.

Here are 5 ways to get involved:

  1. We encourage Oregon libraries and schools to link to us and to distribute promotional materials to spread the word about Answerland.
  2. K-12 students are some of our most important patrons, but they benefit from Answerland more if teachers and school library staff become familiar with our service before sharing it in the classroom. 
  3. Becoming a partner to help staff the service is easy. Partner libraries reap the benefits of technology training, the practice of reference and online communication skills, and participation in a vibrant library community. New partners should make sure they can install and use the SparkRef software.
  4. Our librarians are fantastic. Mentors help new librarians gain skills, confidence and experience. 
  5. Independent volunteers are also huge contributors to Answerland. If you've got library reference service experience or have completed a reference class at an ALA-accredited college or university within the past 10 years, we'd love your help