How it works

Here at Answerland, librarians from around the state of Oregon answer your questions via live chat, email or text message. For free!

We will try to answer any genuine question you think of.

If you are a student and you have a homework question, we will try to help you find resources that help, but will not be able to answer your question for you.

Remember, you are chatting with a live librarian who may be busy chatting with other people too. Please be courteous and patient with the librarians.


If you have waited for online chat for more than two minutes, we may be very busy or there may be a technical problem. We limit our chat service during busy times.

We respond to email questions within two working days.

Most text messages get an answer within 10 minutes during our text-messaging hours

Oregon librarians are online:

Sunday, 2pm-7pm
Monday, 8am-8pm
Tuesday-Thursday, 8am-6pm
Friday, 8am-5pm
Saturday, 2pm-4pm

Our after-hours service makes librarians from all over the world available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While the person you're chatting with may not be local, she or he will still be able to help you with resources at your library.

Everyone who lives, works or goes to school in Oregon may use Answerland.

If you are outside of Oregon, you may submit Oregon-related questions, including local history and genealogy using our email form.

Librarians will discuss your question with you to make sure they understand it, and then draw on print, licensed online resources and free online resources to find your answer.

Librarians are guided by the Library Bill of Rights.