We take your privacy very seriously.

In brief: no spam, no sharing

We don't keep any personal information about you. If you give us your email address, we'll use it to send your answer then delete it from our records.

Full policy

This statement explains our privacy policy and what we do with the personal information we collect from you. Please read it to understand our practices regarding personal information and how they affect you.

What information does Answerland gather about me when I submit a question?

  1. Your name, so we can be friendly. Feel free to use any name you like, within reason.
  2. Your email address, if you want to receive a transcript of the session. We will not sell or share your email address with solicitors or send you any solicitations ourselves.
  3. Your computer's IP address is automatically detected. Collecting it can help solve technical problems.

We keep this information for 7 days in case you want to retrieve the transcript of your chat with the librarian. After this time, we delete this information.

If you would like us to not have your personal information at all, you have the option to connect to us anonymously.

Answerland will disclose your personal information only to the extent necessary to fulfill your request for information, to comply with federal, state or other laws and to ensure the physical safety of persons discussed in your communication with a librarian.

What other information does Answerland collect?

  1. Your question and our answer, to help train librarians and to ensure that we provide consistent and high-quality service. We keep this information for one year.
  2. Other information you tell us, such as the name of your library and your requested response level or grade. This information helps us provide better service to you by knowing what kinds of people use the service. We keep this information for two years.
  3. Information about your web browser is collected so that we may do our best to make sure everyone can use this service. We keep this information for two years.

We keep summaries of this information permanently for the purposes of statistical reporting, research and training. None of this information is related to any personal data about you.


This website, may set a cookie to help us track which pages on this site you visit. The cookie does not contain any personal information about you and is removed when you close your browser window.


OCLC QuestionPoint - after hours chat service

We partner with OCLC QuestionPoint to answer your question when Oregon libraries are not online. QuestionPoint librarians may be all over the world and use a separate software platform.

Though we do not share any information with OCLC QuestionPoint except what is necessary to answer your question, OCLC QuestionPoint may create a "patron account" for you when you submit your question with an e-mail address. The account will let you access the questions you have asked in the last 7-14 days. You may be e-mailed a logon and password to your account.

Please see the OCLC QuestionPoint terms of service for more information.

Mosio - Text Messaging (SMS) Service

Answerland uses software provided by Mosio called Text-A-Librarian to provide answers to your questions through Text Messaging (SMS).

We will never have your phone number in our records, but Mosio will. Mosio will keep full records of your Text Messaing (SMS) questions and our answers for one year.

We may keep the text of your questions and our answers for the purposes of statistical reporting, research and training indefinitely, but we will not relate it to any personal information about you.

You may wish to review Mosio's privacy policy.

Sharing your comments

Our surveys sometimes ask if we can share your comments publicly. We reserve the right to not share your comments at all, but if we do, we will do our best to keep your comments in-context. We may choose to share your comments on this website, on Facebook, Twitter, other social media, in print publications or anywhere else we think people will appreciate hearing what you have to say.

Will you change this privacy policy?

We may make changes to this privacy statement at any time, but changes will never be retroactive. This version of the policy applies to your use of our service today. Our site will be updated with the latest version of our policy.

What else should I know?

We do our best to protect your personal information, but cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit to us. Just like when you are visiting any other business in person or on the web, you must protect yourself. Please be careful and responsible whenever you're online.

Our librarians will routinely send you to other sites on the Web. If you follow these links from our site to theirs, you should be aware that other sites have their own distinct privacy and data collection practices. We can have no responsibility or liability for these independent policies. For more information regarding a site and its privacy policies, you will need to check that site.

Also, please note that linking to other sites does not imply Answerland's endorsement of their products, services, or content.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the service coordinators.