QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference Services

Answerland contracts with OCLC QuestionPoint to provide 24/7 service to everyone who lives, works or goes to school in Oregon.

QuestionPoint librarians are all over the world but are primarily based in the United States. Most QuestionPoint librarians are employed by a library that contributes to the 24/7 Cooperative, a collaborative service much like Answerland. QuestionPoint librarians are used to serving people all over the world.

QuestionPoint librarians will try to answer any genuine question you ask.

They are excellent at helping to choose books and other library materials, getting started on research and generally finding information.

QuestionPoint librarians have some information about your local library, but do not have access to your library account and circulation records.

QuestionPoint librarians are online:

Sunday: Midnight - 2pm and 7pm-Midnight
Monday: Midnight - 8am and 8pm - Midnight
Tuesday - Thursday: Midnight - 8am and 6pm - Midnight
Friday: Midnight - 8am and 5pm - Midnight
Saturday: Midnight - 2pm and 4pm-Midnight

Other hours, expect to be connected to an Oregon librarian.

In addition to Answerland's regular privacy policy, please be aware of the OCLC QuestionPoint terms of service.

Chats with QuestionPoint librarians use the OCLC QuestionPoint interface.  It looks different, but it works about the same. You will still be able to receive a copy of your transcript by email.

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